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Comcast® Cable Internet is FAST

Download speeds from Cable Internet are from 3 MBps (Megabytes per second) all the way to over 100 MBps. Faster speeds are completely tied to the infrastructure and equipment in cable provider’s market place. In Santa Fe, NM, and the surrounding area the primary cable high speed internet provider is Comcast®. The company’s brand name for its triple place services is called Xfinity. Speeds listed as the top speeds offered in Santa Fe, NM, for cable high speed internet are quite often not the case because of equipment restrictions or because Comcast® dampens down internet signal speed to its clients to stop clients from sharing huge files or from running giant load servers. If one client took all the band width in a market place by loading the cable line with a  big server no one else on the line would be able to get on line logistically.

Starter XF Triple Play with TV, Internet and Phone Starting at $99/month for 12 months
Xfinity Triple Play
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Cable Internet Installation

Installation can be done utilizing the home or apartment on-site cable TV jacks. Cable TV installers will put a new cable TV jack in the room where the primary home computer is on the property. This strategy employed by the installer sets up the new installation this way because it ensures the internet signal is going through a new high quality TV jack to the new modem which is connected to the customer’s computer with the intention in mind that customer’s service will work successfully and the technician will not have to come back. Comcast’s modem has a built in wireless router. When service is turned on the computer hooked up to modem is wired for internet service and any other device in the home will now work wirelessly because of the router built into the modem.